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    vendredi 21.10.22 > mercredi 26.10.22


    Through the Spectacle

    Cinq artistes autrichiens. Une exposition exceptionnelle.

    Jari Genser, Alja Piry, Georg Pinteritsch, Samira Saidi et Peter Schreiner se réunissent pour partager leur regard sur le monde. L’expérience commune de développer des corps d’oeuvres au coeur de Paris, au milieu d’une pandémie, est transformée en pièces corrélées entre elles par associations.
    Par des stratégies de réinterprétation, d’appropriation, de déconstruction et de répétition, ces créateurs très différents font dialoguer leurs oeuvres. Ainsi, de nouvelles questions sont soulevées, de nouvelles symbioses sont créées et de nouvelles perspectives sont trouvées.

    Georg Pinteritsch s’inspire des mythes de torture de la Grèce antique. Peter Schreiner invite à un jeu de navigation à travers l’espace. Alja Pity présente une nouvelle perspective sur
    l’ordinaire qui nous entoure. Jari Genser joue avec la répétition et le temps, et Samira Saidi entame un dialogue avec des pionnières de la couleur.
    Une expérience expérimentale présentée au Comfort Mental.

    À savoir

    was born in Salzburg, Austria. He had to finish his degree in Psychology (University of Vienna/Universidad de Granada) to find out that what he really wanted to do was being an artist. In his artistic work he deals with repetition and the question in which direction time actually flows. Exhibitions in Salzburg, Vienna, Berlin, Tokyo and Jogjakarta. Jari Genser lives and works in Vienna and Salzburg.

    (*1982, Ljubljana) Alja Piry received her degree in Art History from the University of Ljubljana (2007) and a degree in Fine Art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (2010). Merging personal expression and critical interrogation, Piry documents, collects and edits visual and textual contents to poetic narratives. Her work takes form of artist books, photographic series and video essays. She uses aesthetic principles rooted in conceptualist legacy to investigate the seemingly unimportant, ephemeral phenomena of the social, natural and emotional realms and to claim their importance within the value systems that determine our perception.
    Besides her artistic work she has also collaborated in cross-disciplinary art projects and worked as an artistic assistant, especially in the context of outsider art. She lives and works in Vienna and Ljubljana.

    Samira Saidi is an Afro-European, woman of colour, whose practice has the aim to inspect and shift the sociological structures of race, belonging and explores the duality of intersectional identity. After her Bachelor’s Degree at the Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag, she started using photography and writing as her main media to bring her ideas into reality. Throughout the last years, she has expanded her practice into the realms of documentary photography and photojournalism. Generally, she expresses herself through photography, writing, and performance art and often creates multi-media work with the aim to spark critical conversations about socio- economic topics. Saidi is currently studying applied human rights at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

    (*1986) Georg Pinteritsch studied Fine Arts at the Art University in Linz. Lives and Works in Linz since 2008. He pursues a continuous work-cycle of installations, small-format graphics, objects and digital animations; Playing a game with emblematic motifs and existential questions as well as the incorporation of medial and
    technological evolution of societies, and its accompanying shifts of perception.

    (*1980) Peter Schreiner studied history at the University of Vienna, Austria and photography at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts Kiel, Germany. Since 2018 he is on the board of FOTOHOF Salzburg; since 2019 he teaches in the class for photography and new media at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. Public Collections: Austrian Federal Photographic Collection, Collection of the Salzburger Museumsverein, Collection of the Province of Salzburg, Collection of the City of Salzburg. Peter Schreiner lives and works in Vienna and Salzburg.

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    vendredi 21.10.22 > mercredi 26.10.22

    Confort Mental

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