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    mardi 31.10.23 > dimanche 05.11.23

    Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin

    avec Veronika Eberhart, Dietmar Brehm, Daniel Haas, Nicole Krenn and Lisa Truttmann, Simon Spitzer, Conny Zenk et Katje Wiederspahn


    Les prochaines Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin se dérouleront à Paris du 31 octobre au 5 novembre 2023, en entrée libre, et proposeront une programmation exceptionnelle, en présence d’artistes du monde entier.

    La programmation sera annoncée prochainement. Les demandes d’accréditations et de badges sont ouvertes jusqu’au 20 octobre 2023. Pour être informé.e, inscrivez-vous à notre newsletter cliquez ici

    Approches documentaires, fictions expérimentales, vidéos, formes hybrides et multimédias. En présence d’artistes et d’invité.e.s du monde entier l’édition 2023 à Paris proposera une programmation internationale inédite composée d’œuvres sélectionnées parmi les 7 024 propositions reçues en provenance de 120 pays. La programmation des Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2023 réuni 165 œuvres de 52 pays, dont 90% étaient présentées en première : séances de projection, exposition, programmation VR, performances, forum et tables rondes.

    Pendant 6 jours, les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin offriront un véritable laboratoire de découverte et de réflexion dédié aux pratiques contemporaines de l’image en mouvement.


    En 2023, les artistes autrichien·ne·s suivant·e·s feront partie du programme :


    SELECTED WORK : Garten sprengen (experimental video, 12’, 2022)
    International première in the framework of Rencontres Internationales 2022

    Veronika Eberhart’s film « GARTEN SPRENGEN » is inspired by Hanns Eisler’s 1947 House Committee on Un-American Activities interrogation. It follows a man wandering through an endless hotel corridor, focusing on the hotel’s colorful carpet. The film explores the historical Biltmore Hotel, where Eisler’s McCarthy era hearing took place. Eberhart delves into the composer’s exile, seeking alternatives to capitalism through art, music, and poetry. She blends Hollywood footage, archival shots, and her 16mm scenes, infusing empty spaces with meaning. Her score reactivates the emotional memory of the footage, culminating in a cascade of water drops, symbolizing earth’s rejuvenation.

    Visual artist, filmmaker, and musician, born in 1982 in Bad Radkersburg. Studied sociology in Vienna and Copenhagen, visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and at the Friedl Kubelka School for independent film, Vienna. Various exhibitions and film festivals, most recently at Mackey Garage Top, MAK Center, Los Angeles (2020), Kunsthalle Vienna (2019), Kharkiv Municipal Gallery (2019), New Jörg, Vienna (2019), Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (2018), rotor Graz (2018), Bazament Art Space, Tirana (2018), A-GALLERY, Tokyo (2017).




    SCREENING + FORUM SELECTED WORK: « Hylo – Vision – Plus (Version 1) » (experimental video, 3′, 2023) French Premiere in the framework of Rencontres Internationales 2022 « Dietmar Brehm’s Hylo-Vision-Plus. Version 1 » is a minimalistic study of ecstatic moments and is named after eye-drop medicine. The title may seem ironic for a filmmaker preoccupied with the doors of perception and their illusive images. However, it was inspired by sensory distortions, blurriness, and opacities caused by the drug. A person with distorted sight might see an apocalyptic vision of horror in a cloud mixing with chimney smoke. This image serves as a prelude to a strophically structured visit to a bar or club, with faces, gazes, and bodies strung together in the frenetic dance of the film’s montage.

    Biography DIETMAR BREHM
    Dietmar Brehm is one of the most important filmmakers in Europe, born in 1947 in Linz. He studied painting at the University of Fine Arts/Linz from 1967 to 1972. He is a professor at the University of Fine Arts/Linz, specializing in drawing, painting, experimental films, and photography. His works have been screened and exhibited extensively both at home and abroad.




    SELECTED WORK : VRA (multimedia performance | 0:40:00 | Austria | 2022)
    French Première in the framework of Rencontres Internationales 2023

    In « VRA, » sound is exclusively generated from images through code-based processes, creating a synchronized audio-visual performance. The program converts real-time images into audio data, with a projection displaying the visual information that also serves as the audio source. The digital realm reduces everything to numbers, and this performance manipulates those numbers, translating them into sound waves based on image brightness values. A sawtooth oscillator controls pitch, while the image content shapes the audio’s texture, similar to a wavetable synthesizer. The performance offers a dynamic range, from slow sinewave harmonics to sharp squarewaves and intricate rhythmical structures, all instantly responding to changes in the visual input.

    Biography DANIEL HAAS

    Austrian artist Daniel Haas, born 1992, lives and works in Linz/Austria and studies „timebased and interactive mediaarts“ at university of arts Linz. With roots in the modular-synth-community he created the project „STURMHERTA“. Under this synonym he released several digital EPs and tapes, but mostly he focusses on live-performance. In STURMHERTAs repertoire we find hybrid-modular livesets, intense, stroboscopic audiovisual performances and immersive sound installations. A recurring element in his works is the strong connection of sound and light, often found as a direct translation of one to the other.




    SELECTED WORK : Folds of Stone (experimental film | 0:04:07 | Austria| 2022)

    French Première in the framework of Rencontres Internationales 2023

    Rock is subject to constant change. Forces of nature, geodynamics, and anthropogenic interventions shape the ostensibly rigid matter as an extended organism, which can only be perceived in a geological concept of time. In the short film Folds of Stone, we see breathing stones, pulsing grooves and trembling rocks: material that vibrates. Microscopic landscapes come to life and dissolve into the images. Surface, materiality and structure oscillate between jagged rock edges and soft, silky fabric folds. Nicole Krenn and Lisa Truttmann have translated their multimedia installation from a former sawmill in Gesäuse National Park into the cinema space, tracing the act of touching and unfolding as artistic gestures.


    She was born in 1982 in Amstetten, lives and works in Vienna. She studied art history and archaeology at the University of Vienna, graphic arts at IADE Lisboa and KKP at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she graduated in 2010. Her work includes artistic graphics, installation and painting, as well as photography and performance.




    SELECTED WORK : In This Silence I Believe (experimental film | 0:17:28 | Austria| 2022)

    French Première in the framework of Rencontres Internationales 2023

    In “In this silence I believe” the guests provide the focus for documentary observations and the resulting investigation of a subculture. With an alienated sound design, the familiar elements at the club are viewed in an experimental cinematic way.

    Biography SIMON SPITZER

    Born in Vienna on October 25, 1988. After finishing a Waldorfschool, he was accepted for the director´s class of Peter Patzak at the Filmakademie of Vienna in 2008. Since then collaborations on several short films.





    SELECTED WORK : Cargo Carriers (Experimental film | 0:10:56 | Austria, China | 2022)

    International Première in the framework of Rencontres Internationales 2022

    Cargo Carriers is an experimental short film that takes the audio-visual perspective of a “carrying guy” on Kulangsu island in Fujian Province, China. The architecture of Kulangsu and the daily routes of the protagonist Mr. Stone, will be the starting point for the audio-visual and poetic interpretation of the film. Abstract animations create a digital assemblage of the streets of Kulangsu. CARGO CARRIERS is dealing with the contradiction between the historical world cultural heritage, tourism, and a workers life on Kulangsu island.

    Biography CONNY ZENK

    Conny Zenk is a transdisciplinary media artist, specializing in performance, video, and sound within urban environments. Her work combines digital and analog elements, and she curates the participatory “RAD Performance series” since 2017. Zenk’s projects extend from Night Rides and Dance your Bike!, which explores bicycle composition, to artistic performances in the music and visual arts spheres. She also investigates how digital devices impact modern culture, particularly the practice of taking selfies. Her projects span diverse festivals including Donaufestival and Ars Electronice Festival and collaborations, showcasing her role in contemporary and experimental art. Zenk’s background includes studies in Digital Art and stage and film design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, as well as Gender Studies and Experimental and Electroacoustic Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.




    FORUMThe Viennale is Austria’s most important international film event, as well as one of the oldest and best-known festivals in the German-speaking world. Every October, the Viennale takes place in beautiful cinemas in Vienna’s historic center, providing the festival with an international orientation and a distinctive urban flair. A high percentage of the more than 96,000 visitors to the festival from Austria and abroad is made up of a decidedly young audience. In its main program, the Viennale shows a carefully picked selection of new films from all over the globe as well as from Austria, some of them international premieres. The choice of about 300 films offers a cross-section of bold filmmaking that stands apart from the aesthetics of mainstream conventionality and is politically relevant. Aside from its focus on the newest feature films of every genre and structural form imaginable, the festival gives particular attention to documentary films, international short films, as well as experimental works and crossover films.



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